Monday, July 2, 2012

A bit regarding NZS4306:2005

When buying a house, probably the biggest asset in your life, it is so common to have a builder’s report organised. But how can you make sure the inspector does a good job for you?

The Country has sorted that out a long time ago and produced a related Standard: NZS 4306:2005. As long as the inspector you employed has carried out the inspection in accordance with this standard, you can be sure, you are likely to receive a good report.

But, sorry, this Standard is not publically available. Even worse, as an inspector, I can not give you a copy of that standard, as the copyright belongs to Standards New Zealand.

So, if you really want to proof if I have carried out my inspection based on this Standard, you have to pay $153.90 to buy this Standard and find out yourself.

Unlike New Zealand, the relevant Australian and American standards are all available for free. 

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