Tuesday, June 21, 2011


针对售房检测——pre-purchase inspection,检测人员是不允许登上房顶的,这就意味着很多房顶的部分无法检测或者目测,所以我们会明确强调检测不是保修。

Monday, June 20, 2011


房顶寿命:镀锌瓦楞铁皮galvanised corrugate iron sheets一般不超过30年,这种瓦顶在1960-1970期间被大量采用,大部分使用至今没有更换。这一部分房顶目前大部分已经使用了50年左右,差不多到了寿命极限,进而频繁出现漏雨的问题。
1. 经常只有在极端恶劣气候条件下才漏雨;
2. 经常只有小漏,没有大漏
3. 有时几乎无法查出漏雨原因
1. 将所有钉子更换为螺丝
2. 更换老化的挡雨板——roof flashing
3. 加装棚顶保温棉,可以吸纳小量漏雨
4. 每半年检查一次房顶,每一年由专业公司做全面房顶维护

Thermal Imaging

Due to considerable limitations, we do not regard Infrared Camera as the main inspection tool (specially for leaky building diagnosis):

  1. It is highly weather dependent,
  2. Its accuracy largely affected by mirrors, furniture and reflective items around targets
  3. In many situations, there is little if any relationships between temperature and moisture
Therefore we do not charge for using infrared camera during inspections. It is simply one of varied tools we used to assist our inspection.

It occasionally very useful when we check plumbing leak and flooding issue. Infra-red scanning can quickly locate plumbing leak source, but again not always.

Remember the best tool in house inspection - experience.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Borer treatment - 蛀虫处理

Pest control
If not borer attack is severe, you can do it yourself by using spray product such as "No Borer" selling in Mitre 10 and many other stores.
But if borer attacks are so severe and access so hard for you to manage yourself, then ask professional to do it, google pest control or borer treatment, you can find heaps of company offering such services.
如果不严重可以买 No borer,
如果很严重,又不方便自己处理,可以找专业的公司,google Borer treatment,或者点击这里的链接

moisture testing vs. timber condition - 1

It to be noted that, numerous destructive investigations have proved that high moisture is not always resulting timber decay, and mostly important timber decay is not always associated with high moisture.
Accordingly we do not provide "moisture report" only as this type of report provides very limited information to support buyer's decision making.