Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspector - the definition

According to what described in NZS 4306, a inspector is A person, partnership or company qualified and experienced to undertake property inspections. 

How do we define "qualified"? Does that mean holding some kind of qualification? Tertiary qualification, degree, diploma, certificate? Or maybe belongs to any kind of organisation, e.g. RICS, NZIBS, LBP, Master builders association, Certified builders association? Or passed some kind of examination or testing? Or holding some kind of license?

According to the new AGREEMENT FOR SALE AND PURCHASE OF REAL ESTATE, The report must be prepared in good faith by a suitably-qualified building inspector in accordance with accepted principles and methods.

Again, how can we define "suitably-qualified". Can we say DIYers are not suitably qualified, but master builders are suitably qualified? What about a plumber, can he perform a property inspection? What about a brick layer? If a carpenter is assumed to be a suitably qualified, then why a brick-layer is not?

Will there be any argument if I'm in the inspection industry for 30 years but holding no qualifications? Wise versa, will you challenge my "illegibility" if I got a certificate in carpentry, but without industry experience? Does Suitably-qualified mean experienced? or means experienced and also qualified (holding a relevant qualification)?

So nether NZS 4306 nor the new Agreement gave us a clear picture: Who can do the inspection.

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