Tuesday, June 30, 2015

开发商成片开发的新盘,如Universal Home在Rodney以及Long Bay开发的新楼盘,也有问题吗?

Q: Have you found any major issues for houses being built within large developments such as houses built by Universal Homes in Rodney or Long Bay?

A: In general, it is true that well reputable building companies with long building history tend to deliver good quality buildings.

When it is unfair to say that small and newly established building companies tend to build poorly, it is a truth that most of problem new builds are built by un-experienced new-comers or small developers.

Reasons are obvious. Sole traders or small developers tend to cut cost by reducing management inputs or completely ignore construction management. It is also common for some small building companies or spec owners to limit their construction management in price bargaining only.

This finding is not a secret for most buyers. This is why spec house built by large reputable companies are selling more in general. You get what you pay for. This is also a universal rule of thumb for housing industry.

Here is a very interesting topic: Can small building companies, sole traders, individual developers and the like build as good as other well established building companies? I will talk about that during future coming events. 

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