Thursday, August 18, 2011

How long a standard house inspection can take?

First need to understand what is a STANDARD house inspection. Check our website to find out what included in a standard inspection.

Unlike special inspection, such as flooding inspection, some time can only take a few minutes, a standard inspection for a average house (say 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms) should in general take 1.5-2 hours or even longer. According to NZS 4306, there are hundreds of items to be inspected to complete a standard inspection. No matter what kind of tools being used to assist with the inspection, we still need to go though the whole process, and we do not see any possibility to shorten the inspection time.

To limit the time spending on site and to be in cooperation with other related parties such as owners and real estate agents, we have two inspectors working at the same time, so that we can significantly shorten the time spent on site without compromise the quality of inspections.

Meanwhile we provide free verbal on site consultation to our clients, specially Chinese and other Asian clients who's building knowledge is very limited. This consultation can sometimes take a hour.

So overall, even we have two inspectors doing one inspection at the same time, it normally take us 1.5-2 hours to complete the site visit. As rule of thumb, see the following table for some ball park figures:

Type of house On site inspection time to be allowedOn site verbal consultation 
Single story brick & tile 3 bedroom house on flat section  30min 30min
Monolithic clad house 1990's 50min 40min
Architecturally designed multi story  60min 30min

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