Friday, April 10, 2015

Post/beam connections – Practice vs. Compliance

Here are some perfect examples to show different results from good building practices vs. details in accordance with NZBC AS1 or NZS 4306.

A good building practice:

Post/beam connections simply sandwiched with nailed 4x2 on each side. The connection was built 35 years ago and showing no deformation at all.
Today if you draw that detail and apply for a building consent, you need specific testing to verify that this detail would meet our Building Code.

A detail in line with NZBC AS1 and NZS 4306:

The post/beam connections are fixed with stainless nail plates on each side. Connections are severely deformed and twisted. By the way the details have formed at 2009.

So, as a pre-purchase building inspector, how do we judge the above details? 

It is simple when you know the first detail has formed some 35 years ago. But what about if same detail is formed today? Do you raise concern due to deviation from our Acceptable Solutions/Standards or happy with that? Do you believe same timber sandwiched post/beam connection formed today will be able to perform for at least 35 years?


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