Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vendor's duty to disclose major defects.

We have carried out an inspection and issued a report during May 2013, in which moisture issues within converted ground floor space were raised to the purchaser.

Subsequently the purchaser expressed concerns to the real estate agent, which assured that the moisture has caused due to splash water from stored fish tanks.

Somehow major leaks observed following a heavy rainfall soon after settlement date. Of cause we were called back for further investigation. Our opinion was: the leaks are likely caused due to defective waterproofing and inadequate drainage discharge to the concrete block wall. The leaks were triggered and worsened by the accidental gutter damages caused by the house moving truck.

Following further inquiries and investigations, it was revealed that the vendor has engaged an drainlayer to carry out tanking and drainage work for the ground floor alteration before marketing the property and the drainlayer was called back to investigate the tanking failure just before settlement date.

Now the vendor is getting sued through district tribunal. A first hearing is due end of this week. I was told to expect a witness phone call from the tribunal. It is going to be a interesting to see the whole process. The real estate agent is likely to get jointed at a later stage.

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